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Download my ebook: A Practical Guide To Creating A Change Management Plan – Humble Edition

Are you experiencing challenges and roadblocks with change initiatives in your organization? Don’t know what to do next? My ebook may help you get back on track. Warning: Use this …


Understanding Personality Types During Times of Change

Have you ever noticed how some early adopters of change turnout to resist change during the reinforcement and stabilization periods? Similarly, it often seems that some people who initially oppose …


Organizational (Work) Culture – How Is It Shaped?

Have you ever asked yourself how the work culture of an organization is created and shaped? For example, why does one company encourage a “by the book” culture while a …


The Best Time to Learn and Change?

Have you ever noticed how much more motivated you are to learn when you are faced with a crisis? Some of my best learning experiences have been during times when …


Identify your impacted stakeholders early… and refine throughout the change journey

This is the fourth post in my series/ journey to build a software application to serve organizations, groups and individuals on large change initiativess. You can read my first 3 …


Are your change objectives S.M.A.R.T.?

Has your change initiative lost steam? Do you find that you’re constantly spinning your wheels or going around in circles? Many factors contribute to these frustrations. One of these factors …


Digitizing the change management workflow

This is my second post in this series. You can navigate to my initial post here for an introduction to the ChangeMachineTM application. As mentioned in my first post, I …


Intro to ChangeMachineTM

One of my goals with this blog was to build, from scratch, an organizational change management approach based on my education and experience. Mission accomplished. (Click here for my blog-post …


SherpaTO – an interactive change management expert system (coach) in the cloud

I had the opportunity to get a tour of the SherpaTO application offered by Brio Change. SherpaTO is an application that coaches managers and team members through their change initiatives. …


Don’t know how to involve executives into your change plan?

Leading change in large organizations is hard. Having active and visible participation from competent, high-level executives definitely helps retain (and increase) employee engagement along the change journey. Some change initiatives …

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