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Download my ebook: A Practical Guide To Creating A Change Management Plan – Humble Edition

Are you experiencing challenges and roadblocks with change initiatives in your organization? Don’t know what to do next? My ebook may help you get back on track. Warning: Use this …


The Best Time to Learn and Change?

Have you ever noticed how much more motivated you are to learn when you are faced with a crisis? Some of my best learning experiences have been during times when …


SherpaTO – an interactive change management expert system (coach) in the cloud

I had the opportunity to get a tour of the SherpaTO application offered by Brio Change. SherpaTO is an application that coaches managers and team members through their change initiatives. …


A Practical Guide to Creating a Change Management Plan (Part 5 – Building the Coaching Strategy)

It is much easier to implement change within an organization when the change is led by internal resources (check out my previous post: Building the Engagement Strategy). The coaching stream …


Mentorship: The Ultimate Change Relationship

When I was young, soccer was my life. I was the kid who showed up early at practice to juggle a ball or shoot on net. I was lucky enough …

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