Digitizing the change management workflow


This is my second post in this series. You can navigate to my initial post here for an introduction to the ChangeMachineTM application.

As mentioned in my first post, I am interested in digitizing organizational change management theories and practices. This video describes a pragmatic workflow that presents the necessary steps to start your change initiative on the right path.

I must say that digitizing a change workflow was an interesting journey. With so many experiences and theories about change floating inside my head, it wasn’t easy to strip away the “nice to haves” of managing change and hone in on the essential steps to getting your change initiative moving in the right direction. To avoid deviations from the original purpose of your change initiative, it is essential to link your strategy/approach, activities and tasks back to the change objectives that were set at the beginning of your project. I’ve seen a lot of people, myself included, lose focus of the objectives by getting lost in change theories and practices that fail to link back to change objectives.

Want to know more? Check out my video:


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