Key Messages per Target Audience

Target Audience #1

Stage 1 – communication for project awareness – “Why are we changing”
[enter key message here]

“What is changing for this target audience?”
[enter message catered to specific target audience]

Stage 2 – communicate for training and education activities
[Highlight communication messages for training and education activities.]

I usually populate this section after all 5 strategy tracks (engagement, communication, training, coaching and transition management) have been formed. If I do this too early, I find that the communications need to be re-worked.

Stage 3 – communicate to reinforce change
[Highlight communication messages to reinforce the change after Go-Live]

I usually populate this section closer to the implementation date as there are many moving parts that can alter communications along the way. I usually get a better sense of the reinforcement messages to communicate after the training and education sessions are underway.

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