Measuring the effectiveness of training

Below are the basic training effectiveness measures I use as a starting point (formatted in a post-training survey). Additional questions and measurements can be added to meet the needs of the organization.

Section I – Communication

1. The communication I received prior to training was:
   1. Far too little
   2. Too little
   3. Just right
   4. Too much
   5. Far too much

2. What would you add or change to the pre-training communications?
(Comment section)

Section II – Training delivery
3. The training was informative.
   1. Strongly Disagree
   2. Disagree
   3. Neutral
   4. Agree
   5. Strongly Disagree

4. The length of training was:
   1. Much too short
   2. Too short
   3. Just Right
   4. Too Long
   5. Much too long

Section III – Training

5. Will you feel comfortable using the new application?
   1. Very uncomfortable
   2. A little uncomfortable
   3. Neutral
   4. Comfortable
   5. Very Comfortable

6. Please take this opportunity to provide your comments about the training
Example: How training can be improved
(Comment section)

Section IV – Training – General

7. I believe that I now possess more knowledge to [add training objective(s)]
   1. Strongly agree
   2. Agree
   3. Neutral
   4. Disagree
   5. Strongly Disagree

8. Which best describes your feeling about the training session:
   1. Excellent!
   2. Good
   3. Neutral
   4. Not what I expected
   5. Disappointed

Or enter the words that best suits your feelings about the training below:
(comment section)

9. What did you like most about the training?

Please provide specific feedback below.
(Comment section)

10. What did you like least about the training?

Please provide specific feedback below.
(Comment section)

11. Overall, are you satisfied with the training?
(Yes or No radio buttons)

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