SherpaTO – an interactive change management expert system (coach) in the cloud


I had the opportunity to get a tour of the SherpaTO application offered by Brio Change. SherpaTO is an application that coaches managers and team members through their change initiatives. This application was built in collaboration with HEC Montréal, an internationally recognized business school.

So what is SherpaTO exactly?
SherpaTO, as described by Brio Change, is “the first virtual coach for your organizational transformations”. It’s an interactive tool that is accessible 24/7 in the cloud. Based on the context and traction of your project/ initiative, SherpaTO will provide you with recommendations for next steps. The automated recommendations can be selected and added to a custom (and personalized) action item report for ease-of-use.

At a high level, the tool presents a 5-step approach to managing change called C.A.P.T.E. To date, SherpaTO encompasses 14 tools, 3 action plans, 5 progress indicators, 1 executive dashboard and 1 post-mortem. Did I mention that there is no need to involve your internal IT department because the application is in the cloud? (I can hear people flocking to this application already).

What value will SherpaTO bring to your organization, you ask?
Here is a short list of how SherpaTO may bring value to your organization during times of change:

1) An expert system that can be utilized by novices or experts (It doesn’t discriminate)
SherpaTO lessens the blow of having more novices than experts on your change management team by providing real-time feedback and recommendations for the next steps of your project. SherpaTO provides real-time recommendations based on the context and momentum of your change initiative (over 300 tried and true recommendations in their databank).

SherpaTO is one of those rare applications that actually helps managers and employees improve their skills on the job. This reduces (and possibly eliminates) the high cost associated with skilled resources and consultants in change management.

2) 24/7 accessibility to change management expertise
SherpaTO is a browser-based application/ service that is accessible from the internet 24/7. You can access and work on the change initiative anytime and anyplace. It’s ready when you are.

3) Standardized practice of change management for greater simplicity and clarity
SherpaTO helps to standardize the entire change management process by providing a common language, a common approach and a set of common tools/ deliverables to propagate change in a familiar way for all of your change initiatives. The greater the number of projects utilizing this software, the greater the number of synergies that will be generated as a result. SherpaTO reduces the plethora of excel spreadsheets used to manage change in your organization.

4) One-click for an executive overview of your change initiatives
Selected executives will be able to get an overview of project statuses with the click of a button.

SherpaTO has been able to do what I think many companies will be attempting in the near future – creating an application that can really coach individuals to be better at their jobs. I tip my hat to Brio Change and their partners for leading the pack in creating the first generation of artificial intelligence tools in the change management space. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

If you’d like to know more, please navigate to their website: Brio Change