The Best Time to Learn and Change?

Have you ever noticed how much more motivated you are to learn when you are faced with a crisis? Some of my best learning experiences have been during times when I was pushed outside of my boundaries and unable to rely on my past experiences for rescue.

With age and an accruing number of life experiences, I’ve come to embrace periods of instability simply because I know that new learnings will come out of this experience.

As an example, I encounter periods of instability at the end of every work contract. Stress and anxiety begin to build as bills keep pouring into my mailbox with no apparent source of income to pay them. These feelings increase exponentially as I watch my kids frolicking in the living room. (For the parents reading this post, it’s all about the kids, isn’t it?). The silver lining in this situation, from my perspective, is that these pressures make me behave and think differently. I start thinking out of the box in order to find my next opportunity. I begin reaching out to people I otherwise would not have contacted. Then something wonderful happens, things start moving. I find myself accessing different market spaces for my skills and ultimately landing another work opportunity in an area of interest. One of the greatest outcomes of this process is that I continue learning about myself. I discover that some of the boundaries I had were self-imposed and that there are fewer boundaries than originally perceived.

My advice to anyone reading this post is to never let a period of instability go to waste. It’s a period of time when you can discover new ways of doing things and shape your behaviour into something that makes you better.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – Friedrich Nietzsche

So go ahead, embrace your next challenge.